Launch Pad 39B (tour)
Kennedy Space Center

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Mate / de-mate device for taking the Shuttle on and off the B-747, which transports the orbiter from landings at Edwards Air Force Base. Only the yellow parts may touch flight hardware.
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The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) is "only" 525 feet tall, but it is the world's third largest building area-wise, with room inside for more than two Pentagons, four and a half Empire State Buildings, etc. There is room on the roof for a 70,000-seat stadium plus parking. Each of the stripes on the flag is as wide as a freeway lane.
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The Crawler. Electrically powered with diesel generators on board. Top speed about 1.25 miles per hour. Uses about 160,000 gallons of fuel per mile. Each tread weighs over a ton.
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The Crawler transports the shuttle and booster stack along this road from the VAB...
ksc12.jpg (12380 bytes) the launch pad which is about 4 or 5 miles away, and typically takes about 6 or 7 hours to travel to it.
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At Pad 39B, Discovery is enclosed behind protective scaffold access door. Only the tops of the external fuel tank, and solid rocket boosters (SRB's) are visible.
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Pad 39B showing where flame jets shoot out of openings